Fuck me boots

Fuck me boots or Fuck me shoes is a derisive slang term for women's high-heeled shoes that exaggerate a sexual image, and may be kinky boots.

The term has been used by feminists to condemn the women who choose to wear them. It has also been condemned by other feminists as being a misogynistic term. Some Boots known as "Locking high heels" can be locked onto the wearers foot.

Define Edit

  • Tall, tight footwear worn to nightclubs, house parties, bars, and other social locations, by women who wish to send the signal "fuck me". Generally, the boots extend to at least mid-calf level -- usually, to the knee.Leather is the traditional material, while latex or other shiny material signals a female ready to rut. Obviously, these boots are worn with clothing that does not overlap -- usually, a short mini-skirt, furthering the "fuck me" signal.
  • Tall tight-fitting boots that extend at least to the knee but usually to the thigh with a three inch or higher stiletto heel.